The Genius Within

The Genius Within: Smart Pills, Brain Hacks and Adventures in Intelligence

Could you be a genius? Award-winning science writer Dr David Adam reveals how frontier neuroscience can enhance your intelligence – making you smarter, sharper and brighter than you ever thought you could be.

Adam will explore the groundbreaking neuroscience of cognitive enhancement that is changing the way our brains work, making us sharper, more focused and, yes, more intelligent. Sharing his own experiments with revolutionary smart drugs and electrical brain stimulation, he delves into the sinister history of IQ tests, meets savants and brain hackers and reveals how he boosted his own IQ to cheat his way into Mensa.

Dr David Adam is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Man Who Couldn’t Stop and an editor at Nature, the world’s leading scientific journal. He was named Feature Writer of the Year by the Association of British Science Writers.

Speaker: Dr David Adam

Dot Talks, Mission Control Saturday 2018

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