The Immune Therapy Revolution

Daniel M. Davis is a Professor of Immunology at the University of Manchester. He is the author of ‘The Compatibility Gene’ and ‘The Beautiful Cure’ which was a book of the year in The Telegraph, The Times and New Scientist. The Beautiful Cure has been described by Stephen Fry as ‘One of those books that makes you look at everything human in a new, challenging and thrilling way’. Davis has also published over 130 academic papers and is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. His research has helped establish new concepts in how immune cells communicate with each other and how they detect signs of disease in other cells.

Talk: The Immune Therapy Revolution

The human immune system is a vast network of specialist cells, regulatory proteins and dedicated genes which continually protect us from disease. Recent discoveries have opened up new ways for us to harness these natural defences and create immune therapies which help us fight cancer, auto-immunity and other diseases. Here, I will explore the very latest ideas in how the immune system works and how this knowledge leads us to big new ideas for medicine. I will include discoveries from around the globe, and from my own lab.

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