The Inquisitive Giant: The Lovell Telescope at 60

This year, 2017, is the 60th Anniversary of the iconic Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank. As a special arrangement for bluedot festival with the British Film Institute we will be screening ‘The Inquisitive Giant’. Made by the Central Office of Information in 1957, The Inquisitive Giant tells the story of the planning and construction of the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank radio telescope, designed to ‘probe the mysteries of the universe’.

The screening will be hosted by Professor Simon Garrington, Associate Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory and Director, eMERLIN. Following the film Simon will speak about the work of the Lovell Telescope in the 60 years since it began to operate. Expect to hear about Pulsars, Quasars, the expanding Universe and the challenges of keeping a 3200 tonne Grade 1 listed structure moving with the precision of a Swiss watch!

Image courtesy of the Lovell Family.

Dot Talks, Star Pavilion Friday 2017, Saturday 2017

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