The University of Salford: Read Your DNA Live

Academics from The University of Salford will be bringing their unique show ‘Read your DNA Live’ to bluedot Festival this summer.

Drs Joe Latimer, Sarah Withers and Ian Goodhead will be telling festival-goers how bacteria keep you happy and heathy, along with how we can use new technology to analyse the trillions of organisms inside each of us. They’ll be bringing along a mobile lab where people can get swabbed and learn more about their DNA using ultra-modern DNA sequencing technology that can also be found on the International Space Station. You can also enter a virtual reality biofilm and experience life inside a bacterial community!

On the final day, the team will take to the stage to share funny stories and silly anecdotes from the world of bacteria and teach festival-goers why we should take care of our invisible friends and why antibiotic resistance is a very real threat.

Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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