United Utilities: STEM Cube

United Utilities provides water and sewage services to around seven million people in the North West of England.

Behind the scenes that means operating enough miles of pipework and sewers to wrap three times round the planet! This requires a diverse workforce to ensure our customers and the environment are served for generations to come. So come and join us at our state of the art STEM Cube and get involved with some hands on experiments and find out about the variety of roles that help to keep the North West flowing.

There is something for everyone: interactive games, science experiments, videos and a great selfie opportunity in our very own Powered by Poo buggy.

Also don’t miss on Friday 19 July we will be joined by our famous leak detection dogs, Snipe and Denzel. The first of their kind in the UK!

Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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