Locally sourced fruit and vegetables often have a nasty aftertaste. A column of salt, floating in the periphery of time collapses in silence… Silence. ‘Twas the inception, the beginning, of Warmduscher. Cold in the salt-furnace, slithering in the morning light.

The wilds of Patagonia have birthed many enigmas over time, none, however, as enigmatically and physically disabled as Warmduscher vocalist and sonic master, Clams Baker Jr the Third. Similarly, son of three-time Emmy award winning actor, Dr Withers, operates the electronic swirls and analog twitches audible on any Warmduscher recording. Now onto The Saulcano, as he is known. He was thrust into the band by the group of timberwolves which raised him. Warmduscher’s drummer, Lightnin’ Jack Everett left the reputable Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade to pursue life as a door- to-door pharmacist. He met with Clams and The Saulcano in 1986, during the summer of 14 whispers. Two weeks after that fateful meeting, the three fostered a young orphan – discarded by the side of the road – another lost child, another grave. That child grew up to be Salt Fingers, Warmduscher’s newest addition and bass tormentor. This is the roster, the brotherhood, the soft embrace of a universal mother.

Warmduscher’s music went on to win hearts, minds, awards, trophy wives and daughters. The irrepressible weight of sound, it conjures a feeling of being bludgeoned to death, by a bag of soft, soft kippers. Bertrand Russell once said, “If the Tigris was not a river, it would be a band. A band called WARMDUSCHER.”

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