We Are Not Devo

WARNING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Stand at ease spuds. I’m speaking to you from the DEVOlutionary Army bunker where we are preparing for our next assault. We are outnumbered and we are surrounded, it’s the calm before the storm in a world ruled by subhumans who conspire to brainwash mankind and supress the truth about DE-EVOlution, a world where it’s not bombs we should be scared of but the human mind, or lack of it.
We salute every man, woman and mutant who have joined us in the battle arena and I’d like to reassure everyone that our past victories will not be wasted as we continue to infiltrate areas where the truth about DE-EVOlution is still surpressed. The ninnies and the twits have grabbed the wheel and are keeping us in the past but anything can happen during these insane times so lets make sure it does! Let’s cross our tater tots and give the past a slip. It’s Duty Now For The Future spuds. Over and out.

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