Yoland Bosiger

Yoland Bosiger was the Series Researcher of Blue Planet II at the BBC Studios Natural History Unit. Yoland spent the first eight years of her life circumnavigating the world on her parents sailing boat before her family decided to settle in Australia. At University, Yoland completing a Bachelor of Law – Science degree and was awarded an Our World Underwater Rolex Scholarship to further her career in diving and marine studies. Yoland joined the BBC Blue Planet team in development in 2013 and was instrumental in researching stories across the series including wandering albatross in South Georgia and the first dive into the Antarctic deep sea. Over the past four years, Yoland has completed over 300 dives using Scuba and closed-circuit rebreathers and has been on shoots to film grouper and octopus cooperative hunting, tuskfish using tools, spider crab aggregations and pregnant whale sharks.

Talk: How BBC’s Blue Planet II made plastic in the oceans a global issue. With British Antarctic Survey (BAS) bird ecologist Dr Lucy Quinn and BBC Natural History TV producer Yoland Bosiger.

Lovell Stage Thursday 2018

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