We take a look back at some amazing highlights from bluedot 2016!

The pioneering dance duo Underworld headlined the Lovell Stage on Friday evening to an energetic crowd just as the sun began to set.

Jean-Michel Jarre’s masterful electric composition delighted the audience and his futuristic performance brought down the curtains on the second evening of bluedot. 

 The Luminarium enbaled festival goers to explore a visually stunning environment of luminosity, or simply just relax and meditate in a world apart, drenched in radiant colour.

As the sky darkened and night time began the Lovell radio telescope was lit up by Brian Eno’s unique installation, a continuously changing mix of colours that captivated many a festival goer.

Created by international outdoor arts experts Walk the Plank, The Outer Space was a beautiful and immersive night-time experience that combined art, science and music in a completely new and unique way. 

Our bluedot photograph album can be found here. (Credit: Tom Martin Photography).

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