As we approach the festive season, we’re more aware than ever of the environmental impact of this time of year.

Unwanted gifts, miles of wrapping paper and millions driving home to see family, all leave a carbon imprint that is having a huge effect on the planet.

That’s why this festive season for every weekend ticket you order for bluedot 2019, we’ll be donating £10 to EnergyRevolution, which invests in sustainable energy projects to cancel out the carbon created at this time of year, but also putting on an event like bluedot. This includes replacing dirty fossil fuels with wind and solar power, to offset the vehicles coming to Jodrell Bank, and schemes such as the Bristol Energy Co-op, which has developed new green energy supplies and offset over a million travel miles already. This is just one part of a wider sustainability programme that bluedot will be co-ordinating year round, and we’d love you to be part of it.

We’ll see you in July! – Ben Robinson, Festival Director

Find out more about Sustainability at bluedot here.

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