Blackwells bookshop join us this year, bringing their pop-up store to the bluedot cosmos. With a vast selection of books available at the festival, this also includes titles by a range of our DotTalks speakers who will be staying around after their talks to sign copies.

Purchase them at the bookstore on site, at the signings themselves or bring them with you!

Taking part will be:

Michael Brooks & Rick Edwards
: Contact – 17:45
Alok Jha: Mission Control – 16:45
Libby Jackson: Mission Control – 17:45

Richard Dawkins:
Mission Control – 15:45
Dave Goulson:
Mission Control – 11:45
Jim Al-Khalili:
Mission Control – 12:45
Chris Lintott:
Star Pavillion – 13:45
Kevin Warwick:
Mission Control – 14:45
AC Grayling:
Contact – 14:45
Erica Wagner:
Star Pavillion – 15:45
Dallas Campbell:
Mission Control – 17:45
David Adam:
Mission Control – 18:45
Robin Ince:
Contact – TBC

Alice Roberts:
Mission Control – 12:45
Jamie Woodward:
Star Pavillion – 14:45
Jonny Benjamin:
Star Pavillion – 15:45
Dan Davis:
Mission Control – 15:45

Please note that times are subject to change.

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