Come and take part in a beautiful celebration of the night sky with Handmade Parade’s beautiful Moon and Star lanterns. We will parade around the festival site accompanied by their own Handmade Samba hosted by Mitch Oldham. There will be a number of blue pyramid lanterns participants can carry so you can come and be involved in the spectacle.

Handmade Parade create community parade art collisions that leave all parties breathless. “They make art that does something – that is culturally vital, relevant and impacts on the world! They help you claim your right to dance down your own street!”

Based in West Yorkshire Handmade Parade have a fantastic talented and generous team of professional carnival artists, puppeteers, makers, musicians, stilt walkers and performers Their signature events Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade started in 2008 and Lamplighter Festival are always a celebration. They strongly believe the act of gathering people to prepare for an event provides the occasion for a community to come together in its most creative and generous self.

Join us Friday and Saturday – 11pm-midnight!

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