Introducing BluedotConnect, a new and unique way to use your festival wristband to connect with content & make purchases at the festival. Bluedot is going fully cashless with our new BluedotConnect wristband. Expect faster service at bars and stalls, and use your wristband to check-in at talks and performances to create a bespoke ‘Mission Log’ of your weekend!

BluedotConnect will be your payment method across the festival as we go fully cashless. All bars, traders & stalls across the festival site are set up to take secure payments via your bluedot connect wristband. This allows less time queuing and a safer way to carry credit.

Check-ins at DotTalks, performances and more will allow you to create your Mission Log – your record of everything you experienced over the weekend. We will send you your Mission Log after the festival with content links and further information, enabling you to explore the bluedot universe beyond the festival weekend.

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