Britain Breathing

Hay fever and asthma are increasing and we don’t know why. Is it down to our environment – the pollutants or pollens we are exposed to? Is it increased cleanliness and lack of exposure to germs in childhood or is it a lack of parasitic worms?

We invite you to come and help us with the biggest science experiment of its kind that will try and find answers to these questions about allergies. Together we can learn more about when, where and why allergies occur.

Find out what’s making you sneeze and see how we detect the molecules around us. See how our lungs work and how they are changed in asthma. Help us make a giant picture of the pollens and pollutants that affect the very air we breathe. #BritainBreathing is a joint project between the Royal Society of Biology, the British Society for Immunology and the University of Manchester.

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