Dalton Nuclear Institute

Play the Reactor Game – A race against the clock to refuel our homemade nuclear reactor, without getting ‘contaminated’. Why are bananas radioactive? Become a radiation detective and find out. A chance to use a Geiger counter – the same equipment used in labs to detect radiation. If nuclear waste is buried, is it safe? Test the different radionuclide barriers in our buzzwire game to find out. Play the Nuclear Fission Maze – track the path of a neutron to the unstable nucleus, which releases the energy nuclear power relies on.

The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute is the UK’s largest and most connected academic provider of nuclear R&D and high-level skills development. We support research which addresses the major issues associated with nuclear power: plant life extension, new nuclear build, decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

Our academics and students develop and deliver inspirational, hands-on science and engineering activities at a range of events across the UK and at schools in the local area. We are committed to engaging with the wider public about nuclear matters and work with the media, schools and museums to enhance understanding of nuclear science and engineering.

Private: Family Fun, Hands-On Science Friday 2018, Saturday 2018, Sunday 2018

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