Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine: Club Tropicana!

Join the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to explore an out of this world tropical wonderland through fun, family-friendly demonstrations and games. Activities include microscope identification of parasites, matching the parasite to the disease-carrying insect, dressing-up as field researchers and handling the equipment we use to control diseases. Visitors to our stand can marvel at the length parasitic tapeworms can grow within the human body with eye-opening visuals, and the youngsters can make their own gruesome parasites to take away with them. The festival goers can talk to our team of experts about the threats posed by climate change, insecticide and drug resistance to tropical diseases control. Our team this year will include students, entomologists, parasitologists, clinicians and nurses, all ready to inspire the next generation and inform people about the work of our research institute.

Private: Family Fun, Hands-On Science Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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