Seeing Into The Invisible

The Science & Technology Facilities Council is one of Europe’s largest research organisations. We love to talk about our work with the public – sharing the curiosity, excitement, and ambition that drives us to discover and understand new things, and develop technologies that improve our lives. Our science is incredible. From the infinitesimally small world of sub-atomic structure to the inconceivably vast scale of cosmological phenomena, STFC’s scientists and engineers are tackling big questions that we know attract people to science as children, and keep them asking questions throughout their lives. How can we make use of visible and invisible light to learn more about the world around us? What is a particle accelerator and how do they improve my life? Join us as we bring a host of hi-tech interactive demonstrations to answer these questions – we’ll even take you on a Virtual Reality tour of a particle accelerator along the way!

Hands-On Science Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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