The RAIN Hub: Robots doing the dirty work

The nuclear industry has some of the most extreme environments in the world, with radiation and extremely harsh conditions making it difficult or even impossible for humans to enter.

Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence will be essential for future nuclear operations; reducing risks to humans and potentially addressing issues such as decommissioning, waste management, fusion, plant life extension and new site builds.

Lead by The University of Manchester, the RAIN Hub brings UK engineering experts together to develop robotics and AI technology for nuclear. RAIN wants to transform the nuclear industry, making robotics and AI the norm.
With our engineers on hand, find out what can robots do that humans can’t and what change robotics and AI might bring.

Mapping the Unknown room – This “hands in” activity highlights a common challenge for the nuclear industry.
Glovebox or virtual box? – Compare current methods with what we hope will be the future working environment.

Hands-On Science Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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