The Science of the Mind and Brain

We’re here from the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit to delight and amuse you with 3 brain and mind-related exhibits. In our research, we explore the mind and the brain, and try to understand how what happens in your brain shapes the way we operate in the world. We explore attention, perception, memory, and decision-making and try to understand how these faculties work together – and how they break down when things go wrong. We’ll show you how bendy your sense of your bodily self is, we’ll let you try your hand at mastering control of your own brainwaves through a simple brain-computer interface, and we’ll show you how the inside of a neural network looks at the world. Come and find us with your questions and your curiosity, and we’ll share any answers we have – and our questions too!

Private: Family Fun, Hands-On Science Friday 2017, Saturday 2017, Sunday 2017

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