The University of Manchester: Print 2D:3D

Printing techniques such as screen printing have traditionally been used to add designs to clothes for centuries. Over the years the technology has advanced so we can use digital printers to add decoration and functionality to objects not to mention the huge advances in 3D printing.

This year our stand is called Print 2D-3D and we will be focusing on using printing techniques to create wearable technology. This can mean incorporating conductive tracks to add sensors and technology into clothing. We will have a circuit activity to help show how we have to link different elements to create working technology.

At the Print 2D-3D stand we will show you how to screen print a design and explain how we are using printing to create wearable technologies. You can also see our 3D printer in action and learn about the trials and tribulations of printing a 3D object. Our 3D pens will enable you to create a 3D doodle of your very own design.

Private: Family Fun, Hands-On Science Friday 2019, Saturday 2019, Sunday 2019

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