We are happy to reveal Actual Silent Disco [ASD] will be joining us at bluedot 2017.

Dr. Steven Sedgwick the VP of Technology at Actual Silent Disco, the innovative tech leaders based in Seattle, explains “Events themselves, Silent discos, have been taking place at festivals for a number of years, but it is quite misleading as you get headphones through which you can hear music. With ASD we have all the fun of a disco without the encroachment of loud sounds but the absence of music really doesn’t inhibit the dancing. If anything people feel less restricted as music often dictates a certain mood”

Professor Barbara Strum, the head of technology at the company said:

“Most people just think that there’s one type of silence but that is far from the truth. Some silence has very deep bass tones and there are 14 different audio rhythms that are detected by the cerebral fulcrum but not recognised by the ear. The silence in a black hole for example is actually louder than anything ever recorded on earth”

Often different genres of music mean that groups of friends end up disappointed at many musical events, if your friend likes drum n bass but if you like house music or whatever. We find everyone loves silence equally. As well as the obvious benefits it is also easier to order drinks at the bar without having to shout.

“We are thrilled to welcome the world leaders in silent audio to bluedot. I’ve been looking forward to not hearing their work for a long time” comments Professor Tim O’Brien, Associate Director, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

Supported by: Audio Production Rigging, Interactive Logistics, Fonetica Organiziale & Opticrom Limited

The Actual Silent Disco will take place on The Orbit Stage at Bluedot Festival at 11pm on July 7th


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